While most existing NGOs focus on creating a parallel system of education through private  schools and centers, our program focuses on making the existing system function better.

In India, 90% of children never graduate


Education for Education 

For the past year, we have trained local people from the Bishanpur community to go out and teach in exchange for English, computer, and leadership courses.  After 3 months of volunteer service, each community member is assessed based off a criteria that includes a commitment to learning, quality of teaching, and dedication/ attendance.  Through this flagship program, we have worked with local people to design contextual programs and to create a culture of learning by engaging each and every stakeholder in the learning process.

35 Volunteers Recruited


Learning Centers

We run after school community learning centers in seven different villages within Kishanganj District. This program provides extra-curricular learning opportunities for those who have dropped out of school or who would like a supplementary educational program.  We use a Positive Education-based curriculum, which focuses on fostering both the traditional skills as well as character skills.

260 Students Served

Reading Camps

SEEKHO uses Pratham’s award-winning and empirically backed CAMaL method to teach basic math and Hindi competencies to below-reading level students in grades 1 through 5 in government schools.  The program’s function is to bring students up to at least a second grade level in math and Hindi, since currently only 47% of fifth graders in India can read at a second grade level.

730 Students Served


Angenwadi Support

We train existing anganwadi (preschool) teachers and run anganwadi centers where they do not exist for 2 hours each day.  Our teachers focus on school readiness, including Hindi vocabulary, shapes, colors, numbers, and sounds, with the goal of preventing the likelihood of future dropout and academic issues. 

600 Children Served


Mother Literacy Camps

In order to play an integral role in all stages of a child’s development, we have also begun conducting mother literacy camps. Our teachers focus on teaching local mothers basic Hindi literacy and numeracy, encouraging and empowering them to play a more active role in their children's education.

160 Mothers Served


We started with education. We mobilized the community to identify resources and solve common problems, and everyone pointed towards education.