Get your hands dirty with the SEEKHO Family

Whether you're ready to pack up and work with us in the villages or you are ready to take charge from behind a computer screen, we'll find a way to get you involved.

We are looking for changemakers — accountants, activists, analysts, anthropologists, artists, collaborators, computer scientists, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, experimenters, explorers, film makers, globetrotters, historians, idealists, linguists, marketers, mathematicians, philosophers, problem solvers, psychologists, risk-takers, scientists, sociologists, teachers, team-players, or writers.

Current Openings:

  1. SEEKHO Innovation Fellowship:  Ready to change the development landscape in rural India? Interested in being a part of unprecedented fellowship and managing a group of 5-10 changemakers in rural Bihar? Click below for more information on the Innovation Fellowship! 

Tell us what makes you come alive.  Write us a quick note about your dream role with SEEKHO, and will work together to make it happen!

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So we make sure we don't miss this, keep the subject line "Dreaming with SEEKHO."
In this case, it'd be good if you knew a bit about what we did, so be sure to read through the site and our blog. Tell us a little bit about why SEEKHO fascinates you, any key skill sets you bring to the table, and most importantly, what you would do if you had three hours and five dollars to perform a random act of kindness.