Sam's Story


By: Sam Brundrett

At a point in my life when I was searching for direction, SEEKHO presented me, much like it as for hundreds of children, with an opportunity.  The opportunity to help build the foundation for a movement.  A movement that cultivates a high level of well-being in a country where for hundreds of years, the underprivileged have been financially and psychologically oppressed. A movement that has already required me to step outside of my comfort zone and forced me to question many of the basic assumptions I have held regarding how we as individuals can enact positive change in our everyday lives.  

One year ago, Zubin Sharma, a good childhood friend, founded SEEKHO and proposed that I come work with him in India one day.  That day came only a few months later when I realized, after moving back from San Francisco, that this was what I was searching for.  From my first interaction with SEEKHO’s incredibly passionate and dedicated members, my belief in our ability to create a lasting change in the social fabric of Indian culture has become unequivocal. SEEKHO, from it’s flat business structure, promoting individual autonomy and creativity to its educational model, empowering children with the confidence to succeed, spoke directly to my ongoing journey in search of purpose.   

My decision to join the SEEKHO team was influenced in a large part, by the gratitude I have for the education I have been given.  My development as a person has been immeasurably facilitated by my education.  It has been an accumulation of learning experiences that have empowered me with the tools to be a changemaker.  Whether it be because of a class that uncovered a hidden passion, the environment in which I was raised, or a relationship that inspired me, I am now not only capable, but confident to take on any challenge.   SEEKHO is my new challenge.  

In December, I will be moving to Bishanpur, Bihar, India to help develop SEEKHO.  My roles with this NGO will range from teaching english and computer literacy, to conducting impact measurements and fundraising. My excitement regarding SEEKHO’s future, as well as my own, is palpable and I hope that you will join us and become part of the change!  

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