An Update from Our Well-being Trainer

                  Well-being training with SEEKHO volunteers!

Since my arrival one month ago, our SEEKHO well-being program has seen incredible progress. In just one month we have already measured the baseline well-being for four government schools as well as our SEEKHO volunteer team. These baseline measures will give us a better understanding of where the schools are at, and also serve as a valuable way to track the effects of our well-being trainings. Our well-being trainings have been disseminated to three distinct groups in order to cultivate a holistic shift in school culture.

The first group to receive well-being training are the six SEEKHO employees. Over the course of one month, I have taught positive psychology concepts such as growth mindset, character strengths, active constructive responding, SMART goals, and gratitude. We have held nightly trainings three times a week to ensure that the employees are understanding and integrating these concepts into their lives and also their interactions with the students.

Our first pilot program started three weeks ago with the SEEKHO volunteers. This first training is being held three times a week for one hour sessions with four volunteers. Together we have embarked on a journey to understanding and increasing our well-being, as well as the well-being of our schools and communities. The initial program has been received extremely well by the students and will be delivered to all our SEEKHO volunteers by the end of April.

In addition to all of this, we have also started well-being trainings with government teachers. This program will continue to expand and develop over the next coming months.

Finally, we have integrated mindfulness and meditation into our new morning assemblies with the SEEKHO volunteers. Every morning at 8am the students all gather in our main classroom room for meditation. In the beginning we started with only two minute meditations, during which many of the students were fidgeting and laughing. However, after only two weeks of meditation we are already up to ten minute sessions of complete silence!

It has been a busy first month in Bishanpur, and despite the various obstacles and adjustments we are extremely grateful for the progress that we have already seen in the students and teachers. We look forward to another month of productivity, learning, and of course, well-being.

Emily Larson